Metro Umpires Association

Do you love baseball? How about softball? Do you miss being on the field? Wouldn't it be great to be a part of it again? Metro Umpires would love to put you back on the diamond as a trained, certified baseball or softball umpire. Here's some information on how to get started.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Metro Umpire!

  • Metro Umpires was founded in 1965.
  • Metro Umpires is one of the premier amateur umpire associations in the Midwest.
  • Two former Metro Umpires are currently working as Major League Umpires.
  • Over 22 Metro members have umpired in professional baseball games.
  • Metro members have umpired state championships in both softball and baseball.
  • Metro Umpires is a Charter Association Member of the Minnesota State High School League.

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Umpires and clients can see advance scheduling, updates and association news by clicking on the tab entitled, "Assignments."

Metro Umpires Association

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